About Eleviv

eleviv_6_pack_blogToday’s life is faster than ever, filled with constant change, uncertainty and stress. It often results in a sleep-deprived, stressed, and depressed population. Consumers spend a mind-boggling $80 billion annually to fight fatigue and stress through mood enhancers, sleep aids, energy drinks, coffee, etc. However, these so-called solutions aren’t combating the problem, they’re compounding the problem. But millions of people are searching for natural, healthy alternatives to this lethal lifestyle.

XANGO proudly introduces a new category-creating product designed to complement XANGO® Juice in supporting natural vigor, a scientific term that describes a balanced state of physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Using a powerful patent-pending formula, Eleviv provides sustained physical energy, mental acuity and emotional balance. And the best part is that it does so naturally.

The supplement Eleviv is a scientifically studied blend of four proven ingredients precisely formulated to restore your body’s natural balance, helping you feel cheerful, alert, resilient, vigorous and youthful. Our unique and exclusive botanical ingredient blend of Eurycoma longifolia, citrus peel extract, green tea extract, and pharmaceutical-grade L-Theanine helps to provide the much-needed balance our bodies need and the feelings of wellbeing we crave. What’s more, it does so without unnecessary caffeine, sugars and other stimulants already so common in our everyday lives. Once you try it, you may be tempted to term it the “feel great” supplement.